Autor: Jalile Ileana Raquel

Institución: UNC

Año: 2022

JEL: F13, F14


"This paper constitutes an improved and upgraded version of a research in progress whose main purpose is to examine the impact of macroeconomic fluctuations on the application of new import restrictive measures for Argentina over the years 1989–2019. It uses quarterly available data for Argentina to estimate the impact of macroeconomic shocks and exchange rate movements on protectionist policies over the analyzed period. While part of the empirical literature in this latitude is devoted to the analysis of the primary determinants of such protectionist measures, there is not any domestic effort linking the imposition of new import restrictions to macroeconomics shocks as we shall explore in this paper. I consider this analysis is important because we can better address the relationship between business cycles, exchange rates and import restriction and capture the precise timing of any trade policy changes taking place during the cycles of the businesses."