Autor: London Silvia(*), Cayssials Gastón(**), González Fernando Antonio Ignacio(*)

Institución: (*)IIESS-UNS-CONICET, (**)Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Año: 2022

JEL: C10, C14


This paper examines the relationship between population growth and economic growth using panel data for 111 countries over the period 1960 - 2019. In a first stage of the analysis, using a non-parametric method, we divided the sample into three groups of countries, obtained from objective criteria and not from ad hoc decisions such as size or economic performance used in some previous studies. From these groups that are internally homogeneous (made up of countries with similar trajectories for population growth and economic growth) and clearly differentiated from each other, we perform a Granger causality analysis. Our results show that there are relevant qualitative differences in the dynamics of population growth and economic growth between groups