Autor: Roldán Flavia(*), Acerenza Santiago(*), Pereyra Martín(*), Gelabert Liliana(**)

Institución: (*)Universidad ORT Uruguay, (**)IE Business School Madrid

Año: 2022

JEL: H25, H81, L2, L60, M21, O3


"In this paper we estimate the behavioural additionally of public support for innovation activities, on the decision to cooperate. Using Uruguayan data from 2007 to 2015, and controlling for endogeneity, we find that public support for innovation increases the likelihood of different types of cooperation agreements. The empirical evidence suggests that public support leads to organizational changes within supported firms that increase their propensity to cooperate with other firms. The implications of these results are relevant for policy design as they contribute to the understanding of the unintended positive (or negative) impacts of public support for innovation on the behaviour of supported firms. We find that the Average Treatment Effect of public support on cooperation is 0.027. Which means that holding everything else constant, public support increases the probability of cooperating by 0.027."