Autor: Legaspe Francisco

Institución: UdeSA

Año: 2023

JEL: C1, E6


Regardless of the substantial effort made by researchers, the effect that corruption has on economic growth is still under debate. Several studies identified a negative effect, but others support the idea that corruption is not in all cases harmful and that can even boost economic growth under certain conditions. This thesis is the first piece of literature using firm-level data on bribes to examine the effect that country-level corruption has on economic growth. To do so, I replicate the methodology used by Rajan & Zingales (1993). Specifically, I ask whether industrial sectors that are more sensitive to bribes develop disproportionally slower in countries with higher levels of corruption. I find this to be true in a large sample of countries over the period 2006-2021. This result supports the idea that corruption is indeed harmful to economic growth.