Autor: Navarro Alfredo M.

Institución: ANCE

Año: 2023

JEL: A10, B41


This paper analyzes the relationship between genetics and economics and the effects of both genetics and the environment on the phenotype of human beings. Among other issues, it describes how data from the human genome can be used to explain certain economic characteristics, such as the existence of entrepreneurship, attitude towards risk, income level, propensity to invest, and ease of receiving education. A series of works related to this issue are analyzed, and the various ways of drawing conclusions from existing data are described. The paper concludes by stating that this type of study is in its infancy, but that it helps to better understand, along with the evaluation of the environment, certain characteristics of human behavior and opens an interesting field of study for economics. (JEL A10, A11, A12, B41, C13, D31, D33, I14, I24, Z13)